CPU Speed

There are several different ways to know the Processor Speed. But the easiest method to get to know your CPU Speed is via the System Properties tab of your PC.

CPU speed is a measure in Megahertz. A 1MHz CPU can accomplish one million CPU cycles in one second. But it doesn’t mean that a 2MHz CPU is twice as fast as a 1Mhz CPU. It actually depends on how much work each CPU accomplishes in each clock cycle.

How To View CPU Speed?

To view the CPU speed on the System Properties tab in Windows,

  • Right-click “My Computer”
  • Click “Properties”
  • Click the “General” Tab
  • You will find the CPU information listed in the first or second line of the “Computer” area
CPU Speed

But if you want to have some fun, you may try this free application called CPU Speed Professional that measures the real speed of your Intel or AMD central processor unit (CPU). It has a dark elegant interface styled with some neat animations and transitions.

CPU Speed Professional

To view the CPU speed, simply click Test My Speed button on the software and it will show you the CPU Speed. You can click Show CPU Details button to see more detailed information about your system including CPU manufacturer, published speed, memory configuration and more.

Free download CPU Speed Professional from here.

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