create a Polaroid out of a digital picture

Create or make polaroid photo out of your digital pictures.You can now convert any digital picture into a “Polaroid” for free.You don’t even have to install any software or register for any service.All you need is a GIF or JPEG or PNG image that is available online.Make sure that the image is of at-least 200 x 200 pixels and of good resolution.Also make that the size is a square or close to a square for good results.

Go to polaroidonizer and enter the URL of your online image.

  • Choose a rotation angle.This can be 0 for a straight one, or an appropriate number to get the more informal “Polaroid” effect. You can use a range of 1 to 15 to tilt the picture to the left or 345 to 359 to tilt it to the right.5 and 355 looks good for left and right tilt respectively.
  • Next write an impressive caption in the text line.Make sure that you enter something to appear on the image as otherwise it will not be processed.
  • The x and y coordinates center the image in the frame. If your image is square and the focal point in the center you don’t need to do anything. In other words a straightforward face or head-and-shoulders shot works without adjustment.
  • Finally click the “ONIZE” button and a new web page will open in a few seconds displaying the polarized image.
create a Polaroid out of a digital picturecreate a Polaroid out of a digital image

If you’re using Firefox just right click on the polaroid image and hit “save image as”to save it on to your PC/computer.In IE right clicking and hitting “Save Picture As” does not save the picture correctly when you do it on the same window.So highlight the entire long URL of the page in the address bar and copy it to clipboard (ctrl + c).Then open a new IE window, paste the entire URL and click “Go”.Now right click and hit “Save Picture As” to save it any name of your choice.

You can also try Instantizer to make polaroid out of any picture.There are no image size restrictions and the pictures can be directly uploaded from your computer/PC.Enjoy creating polaroid with these free online services.

7 comments on “create a Polaroid out of a digital picture

  1. I had created a similar one for my desktop wallpaper using Picasa. This online service is nice, specially for the fact that no need to install any software.

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  2. i use picasa for this kind of stuff 🙂 although this is also cool

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  3. This tool is great, but still I wonder it didnt work for me, everytime i gave any picture , it gave the error that resolution is very low. Did understand though. 🙁

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  4. The picture resolution need to be good.If you have photoshop or any other photo editor,then open the picture and change the resolution to more than 100 pixels per inch.I did a 200 pixels per inch for the photo displayed in this post.

  5. Nice tool. I used Photoshop to do this. Seems like I’ve been living in a cave.

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  6. Hey man !!

    Great tool !
    I didnt knew about this polaroid effect !
    Thanks dude :))


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  7. hmmm , the resolution of the picture was more than 100 though, anyways let me check again 🙂

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