Create and Download Free Handwriting Fonts

Create Free Handwriting Fonts at! If you are one who had a great handwriting, but feel that the advent of computers have nullified the advantage that you had over others with a good handwriting, here is your chance to be creative by creating and releasing fonts based on your handwriting.

How to create and download Handwriting Fonts for free?

To create fonts from your handwriting, you just need a Printer and a Scanner. You don’t even have to download and install any software, as this can be done through a free online service! Doesn’t it sound interesting? Here is how you create fonts at

  • As a first step, download and print the font template from –
  • Fill in the template in your own handwriting. It is recommended to use a black marker pen such as Sharpie or something similar for getting the best results. You must also make sure to leave a margin around each character.
Download Free Handwriting Fonts

Each character box has a set of guide marks to help you position the character. The middle one is called the baseline, and is the line on which a letter usually sits. Some letters, such as ‘g’ or ‘q’, descend to the descender line. Uppercase letters typically have their highest point on the ascender. It’s okay for accents to reach slightly above the ascender, but if you go too far you risk having your characters cut off. It’s therefore recommended to keep your characters within the ascender and descender portion of the boxes.

  • After you complete the font template by writing all the characters in your own handwriting, scan and upload it to their servers here.

While scanning the template, you must ensure the following.

  • The scanner is set to operate in gray scale or color mode at 200 DPI or higher.
  • The scanned image is saved either as a PNG or as a JPG image. It is preferable to save it as PNG.
  • The template is not scanned upside down. If you had scanned it upside down, you must rotate the image by an angle of180 degrees. You can achieve this by using any free photo editor.

After uploading the scanned image to their servers, their programs process the uploaded images and create fonts from them. You can then preview the created fonts and download it to the computer. You can then share these fonts, created from your own handwriting, with your friends and dear ones.

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