Create animated gifs with free gif animation tool GiftedMotion

Create animated gifs easily with GiftedMotion. This is a simple, free gif animation software to create animations from a series, of related images (PNG, JPG, BMP or GIF formats).

Do you find a need to create an animated gif ? Are you you looking for a free and simple alternative to Adobe photoshop or gimp to create animations? Then you probably have come to the right place, as this article is on GiftedMotion which is a fairly simple and straightforward tool to create animated gifs. You neither have to be a pro designer nor you need to learn Adobe photoshop or Gimp to create your animations. All you need is only a few closely related images.

Earlier we covered a free tool UnFREEz to create animated gifs. We also covered AniTuner to create free animated cursors. Now we will explain how to use GiftedMotion to make gif animations.

How to create animated gif with GiftedMotion?

Creating gif animations, is a simple three step process with GiftedMotion:

  • Load all the related images, from which you want to create the animation, into GiftedMotion.
  • Adjust the images’ (known as frames in GiftedMotion) order, time to show, dispose method and geometry
  • Record the image (frame) sequence to a file

Your animated gif is ready for use!

Create animated gifs with free gif animation tool

Features of GiftedMotion:

  • You can easily create animated GIFs from the following input image types: PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF
  • You can easily adjust size of the resulting animated gif
  • You can easily adjust position of images within frames
  • You can see a preview of your creation
  • You have full control over all aspects of the animated GIF
  • GiftedMotion gives best dithering results, if you are creating animations with images of more than 256 colors
  • you can easily edit any existing GIF animation

This free animation software is written in Java and hence platform independent. It can run on Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows XP or vista. GiftedMotion does not require any installation. Free download the gif animation software and simply put the jar file on your Desktop (or any other desired location), and start using the free gif animation software to make animated gifs.

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  1. Giftedmotion is java program it’s very easy to use and can be easily understand by the normal users to create gif animations.

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