Create iphone themes with ithemeit

Create iphone themes for your jail-broken iphones with ithemeit.It is a free software and lets you experiment various icons, wallpapers and different styles on your iPhone with a single click.

create iphone themes

ithemeit has an user friendly interface and works well on any windows computer that has Dotnet fix installed. It is simple to use and a cool software to create your own iphone themes.However, there are a few basic requirements.

  • iThemeit works on a Jail-broken iPhone or iPod Touch
  • You should have a PC with Dotnet fix installed
  • You should either have summerboard or winterboard
  • You should have ithemeit V1.2 installed on your computer.When asked for a password, during installation, use ithemeitv12 as password

iThemeit video tutorial:

Free download ithemeit from their home page and enjoy creating iphone themes.You can also check out another excellent tool called “iphone theme maker” to create iphone themes.

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  1. Looking smooth, the video tutorial is explaining it very well!

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