Create polaroid out of any image with Instantizer

Create polaroid image on the fly with Instantizer.Earlier, I had mentioned about another cool service to make polaroid called polaroid-o-nizer. Instantizer is another free web based service to create polaroid instantly.

Unlike polaroid-o-nizer, this web based service can be used to create polaroid out of any image on your desktop.In polaroid-o-nizer , you need to upload the image to some file server and specify the URL to the uploaded image.However, Instantizer lets you upload the image directly from your desktop. Creation of a polaroid is just a simple two step process with this free service.

  • Go to Instantizer
  • Select any picture or image from which you want to create a polaroid.Write a brief caption for the polaroid image.Specify the angle of rotation.Click “Upload Picture”
Create polaroid using instantizer
Make a polaroid photo

That is it folks. You will be given a url to the polaroid created by instantizer.However the link will only be valid for 24 hours.Hence save the polaroid image by right clicking on the polaroid and hitting “save Picture as” (in Internet explorer), to save it on to your desktop.

In firefox, right click the polaroid image and hit “save image as”.Also note that the “Save as type” will be blank in firefox. Hence, specify the name with the extension.

Make a polaroid of Eiffel tower


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  1. Hey Rajesh, thanks for the heads up. This looks like a cool tool to use. I have been wanting to create this kind of effect so I’m going to ‘polaroid’ my image right now.


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