Create Thumbnails With RightThumb

Create a Thumbnail right on your windows desktop with RightThumb.This is a free software that can be used to easily create a thumbnail, from a wide range of graphic image formats.

The purpose of a thumbnail image on a web page is to reduce the size of the image and hence the bandwidth and the download time.However, a few web designers produce thumbnails by simply reducing the dimensions of a large image using HTML coding, rather than using a smaller copy of the image.But this doesn’t help in reducing the bandwidth or the download time, as the resize happens after the full image is downloaded.Moreover, the visual quality of browser resizing is usually less than ideal.Hence it is always preferable to make a thumbnail as a smaller copy of the original image, using a tool like RightThumb and use the generated thumbnail on web pages.

  • Free download RighThumb from here and extract the contents to a folder
  • Run rightthumb.exe to open the options window and select the “Run in context menu” box. This will insert an item labelled “Create a Thumbnail” in the context menu

That is all. You can now Create Thumbnails with a simple right click.

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To create a Thumbnail from any graphic or non-graphic file, right click and choose “Create a Thumbnail” menu item.

Create a Thumbnail, Make Thumbnail

If you want to set the maximum height and width of the thumbnail and the format to save, open the options window by holding down the CONTROL key, when you select ‘Create a Thumbnail’ in the context menu. You can make the above settings in the options window.

With RightThumb, a thumbnail can be created as a Bitmap, JPEG, GIF or PNG graphic file or it can even be copied to clipboard, ready to paste.

Wasn’t it to create a Tumbnail with RightThumb?

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