Create Virtual Disk with free SecretDrive

Get the free SecretDrive and create virtual disks for free. You can make up to 16 encrypted virtual disks with this small, efficient and reliable program.Virtual disks are protected by strong encryption algorighms like AES – Advanced Encryption Standard (recommended algorithm), Blowfish, Twofish and CAST 256.

The Virtual disks (also called container) created by SecretDrive looks like a regular hard disk, so you can format, defragment, backup etc. It can be located either in a file or in RAM (random access memory).

Container or Virtual disk is a data storage area that can be located either in file or in random access memory (RAM).After the file container is created, you can mount it as a virtual disk. The benefit of the virtual file container is it can hold your private data. You can backup your container file on a regular basis and nobody can get access to your private data without knowing the password.

On the other hand, RAM container exists only when it is mounted. After dismount, all the data it holds will be destroyed. Encrypted RAM container may be useful as a temporary storage of data.

Features of SecretDrive

The following are some of the key features of SecretDrive.

  • Strong “on the fly” data encryption using modern encryption algorithms
  • Creates up to 16 virtual disks
  • Support for Encryption/decryption of files
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Protection from accidental deletion
  • Built-in passwords generator

Free download secretdrive for 32 bit windows from here.It works on windows 7, vista, Windows XP, 2003 and more.

How to create Virtual disks on the PC hard drive

  • 1. Click “Create container” button on the toolbar or select “File => Create container…“.
Create virtual Disk
  • 2. Specify container type (File container), location (path) and capacity (in MB). You can specify capacity by either typing it manually or by selecting any predefined size (for example, DVD+R 4481 MB).Then press the “Next” button.
virtual Disk type
  • 3. Next, specify a strong password and Press the “Next” button.
encrypt virtual Disk
  • 4. Specify a virtual disk letter. You can also choose to mount the container after creation and on every start up. Then, press the “Next” button.
mount virtual disk
  • 5. Finally, Press the “Finish” button.

Creation of the virtual disk takes time and after completion you will see the following screen.

Virtual Disk created

How to mount Virtual disks manually

A newly created container is mounted automatically. But after restarting Windows, you have to mount it manually (unless you added it to the start up list). First you need to invoke “SecretDrive”. You may then find your virtual disk in the “Favorite containers” list.

To mount the container, right click on it and select “Mount…” menu item.To perform the mount operation, SecretDrive will require you to enter the password. Enter the password and press the “OK” button.

Secret Drive

That is all!

If you want to create a virtual DVD drive to mount ISO image in windows, get the free DVDFab Virtual Drive. You can also check out MagicDisc, a free virtual CD emulator to clone DVD drives in Windows.

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