Create you video library in youtube with quicklists(playlists)

You tube is the most popular and widely used video website.There are millions of videos uploaded in youtube and millions visit youtube everyday to view and enjoy those videos.Youtube is so addictive and once you log on to check out a video on, say, iphone, you will find all related videos on iphone listed on the right.These videos make you click and the list of uploaded videos would appear to be an ever growing list.But what if you want to create a quick playlist of all the best videos on iphone?

Playlists are so useful for future reference and it ensures that you don’t lose them unless the video is removed by the owner or youtube.Youtube has this awesome feature called quicklists that lets you create playlists.QuickLists have been around for quite a while, but it’s possible that you haven’t noticed it yet.It is also possible that you may not be aware of how to use it effectively.

  • Go to
  • Once you’re there, search for a video on any of your favourite topics
  • You will see all the related Videos on the right.If you look closely, you will also see a little plus sign in the bottom right corner of every video thumbnail.
  • Just click on it and voila. The videos are automatically added to a QuickList for you. Go ahead and try adding a couple of more videos to a QuickList.

They will appear right above the Related Videos section in youtube. You will see the QuickList icon in your search results as well.You can then click the Play All link to have the videos automatically play in order.

After you’ve watched all of your QuickList videos, you can then clear them away by clicking on the Clear link. Or, you can save them into a permanent playlist by clicking the Save link.Isn’t this a great way to create a personal video library in youtube? What are your thoughts?

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