Cut Pictures For Rounded Corners with CutMyPic

Cut Pictures and create rounded corners for your images with CutMyPic. This is an online free photo editor built by a team of programmers in Tokyo, Japan.

CutMyPic is so simple to use. Go to Upload the picture or photo that you want to edit with this free online photo editor. You will be given the sizing information when the upload is done and you can simply drag the selection tool on top of your image to select the part you want to leave behind.

You can also create rounded corners for your images, with CutMyPic and you can, infact, specify the level of roundedness you want. If you feel like giving a drop shadow effect to your photo or image, Simply adjust the darkness level of the drop shadow effect by dragging on it.Once you are done editing you image, preview and save it on to your desktop or email it to your friends.

Cut Pictures, Rounded Corners

Though CutMyPic may not be a complete photo editor, it is definitely a great alternative for desktop photo editors for such tasks like cropping the image, creating rounded corners or drop shadow effects on your images. You neither need a CPU hungry desktop photo editor nor you need to learn any photoshop skills for creating such cool effects with this online photo editor.

CutMyPic is meant for cropping images and creating rounded corners and it definiely does that job well.Enjoy cutting and chopping pictures at, a free photo editing software on the internet.

If you are looking for simple ways to create photo backgrounds, check this free and easy-to-use software called Fotomix to create a Photo Background.

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