daa files – What is a daa file and how to open a daa file?

Do you have a .daa file and are you you wondering what it is and how to open it? Then you have come to the right place to know everything about .daa format and how to open .daa files.

.daa files are disk image file formats used by PowerISO and stand for Direct Access Archives. POWERISO is a DVD software. Thus .daa files may contain an exact copy of a CD or a DVD – whether it be movies, TV shows, games or any other data.

.daa files can be compressed, password protected, and split into multiple volumes. You can extract, mount and edit compressed daa files. While ISO is a more popular disk image file format, daa format supports:

  • Compression – a CD/DVD copy stored in .daa file format may be compressed and smaller in size than a corresponding .iso file
  • Multiple volume splitting – i.e you get multiple smaller daa files instead of one huge disk image
  • Encryption/passwords – You can even password-protect your daa files and thus prevent its usage by unauthorized people

How to open .daa files?

since .daa file format is a proprietary file format of PowerISO, you can open it using PowerISO. However the free version of PowerISO can be used to open files of sizes up to 500MB only and beyond that, you need a paid version. But there are a number of free options to open .daa files.

If you are running windows on your PC/computer system you can use DAA2ISO to convert the .daa file to a .iso file. Free download DAA2ISO and convert daa disk image files to the more widely used ISO disk image formats.

You can then write ISO image to CD using ImgBurn or DVD flick to burn DVD. You can also extract a .daa file using the free file compression software, 7-zip. On extraction you will have the original files that were converted to daa.

MagicISO is another free option for windows to convert a .daa file to iso file. Free download MagicISO .

If you are on Mac OSX, free download DAAConverter and convert daa disk image files to ISO files.

If you are on Ubuntu or any other Linux OS, free download AcetonISO and open the .daa files.

Thus you have a free alternative to open a .daa file on any popular operating system. Hope you enjoyed the options to open daa files on windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

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