Delete files in windows with Unlocker

Does windows throw any of the following error messages.

  • “Cannot delete file: Access is denied”.
  • “The file is in use by another program or user”.
  • “The source or destination file may be in use”.
  • “Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use”.
  • “There has been a sharing violation”.

Get Unlocker and delete even the most stubborn files.This free software is a useful program to delete files in windows whenever you get the above error messages that make them difficult to remove.

There are times when windows will not let you delete files.It will keep throwing any one of the above mentioned error messages repeatedly.

Do you receive any such error message from windows, when you try deleting a file or folder? If yes, then you may not be able to delete the file or folder, howsoever hard you may try.You will be shown the same message whenever you try deleting files or folders.

Windows will usually lock a file, because the application using the file hasn’t yet released the lock. This could be due to faulty programs and not always due to windows. Sometimes, rebooting your PC will release the lock and you can then delete the file or folder. But isn’t it annoying to reboot a PC when you are in the middle of doing some important work?

This is when programs like “Unlocker” prove to be useful.Though there are a few methods to get rid of files, using a program like Unlocker is the easiest and the best solution for an average PC user.

  • 1. Free download Unlocker from CNET here
  • 2. Double click the download exe file file and follow the instructions in the wizard to install the software.You may install only the essential components.
  • 3. Whenever you find it difficult to delete a file or a folder right click the file or folder and choose “Unlocker” from the context menu
Delete files in windows
  • 4. If the folder or file is locked, a window listing all such locks will be thrown
  • Click “Unlock All” button at the bottom

That is it! You are done.You will now be able to delete the file or folder in windows.

File cannot be deleted

Unlocker is useful not only for deleting those files or folders which “cannot be deleted” but also helps in situations where you find it difficult to move or rename files and folders.

It works on Windows XP, windows 7 and vista.

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