Desktop Background Generator

Create great looking Desktop backgrounds with the freeware Random gradient wallpaper generator. This is a simple tool built by Osenkov, and it is easy to generate a random wallpaper of any mix of colors. This can then be displayed as a desktop background with a single click.

How to use Random gradient wallpaper generator?

Desktop Background Generator

Random gradient wallpaper generator is a user friendly tool.You can click on each of the four corners and pick any of your preferred colors to generate a wallpaper. It is amazing to note that there are a total of 79228162514264337593543950336 possible wallpapers that can be generated this way!

The tool also provides three buttons namely, “Randomize“, “Set as Wallpaper” and “Save colors to text file“. With the Randomize button, you can assign random colors to all four corners and thereby generate a random gradient wallpaper.Then you can click the “Set as Wallpaper” to save the generated wallpaper to “My Pictures” folder as “GradientWallpaper.bmp” and set it as the Windows Desktop Background. If “GradientWallpaper.bmp” exists already, clicking “Set as Wallpaper” will overwrite the existing file. If you do like to save the generated color pattern, you can click “Save colors to text file” to append the RGB values of the current mix of colors to the “colors.txt” log file in the program’s directory.

Free download Wallpaper Generator from here and enjoy creating colorful Desktop Backgrounds.

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