Desktop Weather Software For Local Weather Forecast

Get to know the local weather forecast on your desktop with the free Weather gadget called WeatherEye. This ultimate desktop weather software lets you stay up to date on weather conditions in over 5000 cities around the world including the United States, Canada and more.

WeatherEye provides easy access to your most valuable weather information like hourly forecasts, weather maps, travel information and more. This gadget gathers the most up-to-date weather observations from the servers of, upon start up and at every 15 minutes thereafter, for the latest weather observation and forecast data. You can also hit the ‘Refresh’ icon on the top-right of the application to manually check to ensure you are seeing the latest available weather information.

Features of WeatherEye

This free desktop weather application is sleek and compact and provides you with the following.

  • Provides Current temperature and warning alerts in your system tray for over 5,000 cities worldwide.
  • Provides live, current forecasts on your desktop.
  • You can get to know both short and long term weather forecasts with a single click.
  • you can track Weather for up to 10 different cities at the same time.
  • Get indicators for Weather alerts and severe weather warnings. When a weather alert is issued, a flashing lightning bolt will appear over the temperature reading within the system tray, and in bold highlighted text within WeatherEye itself. Clicking on the alert within “WeatherEye” will take you to where you will be able to know the entire weather alert for your city.
  • Provides easy access to hourly weather forecasts, maps and 14-day weather trend for your local area. (click on the 14-day trend beside the long-term forecast area on the application. This will open a browser window and take you to, where you will be able to view the 14-day weather trend of your selected city).
  • Provides quick access to the web for more information on radar, roads, weather video and photos.
Desktop Weather Software

The software not only gives the current temperature, but also let you know how it actually feels like considering the humidity and wind! WeatherEye is available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista as a gadget and for Windows XP as an executable file. It is also available for Mac OSX. WeatherEye Widget for Mac provides you with real-time weather information directly on your Mac dashboard .Free download WeatherEye software.

If you would like to add your city on the weather gadget, click on the “Options” button located near the top right of the application window. Choose to “Add a City” from the link on the top right of the “Saved Cities” box. Next, search and select your city and then select your desired display settings (e.g. display on start up, always on top, auto-hide) for that city.

To change your city, right click on the widget to reveal the options menu, click on “Change Location”. Enter your preferred city name and click search. You do not need to enter the province or state.You can also remove cities once you have added them, and you can also edit your display settings for each city individually that you have added.

You can either select Imperial or Metric as the ‘Unit of Measurement’ by Clicking on the “Options” button on the top-right of the application,. However, changes to the ‘Unit of Measurement’ preference will affect all cities you are tracking through WeatherEye. You can also select your language of choice in your top-level settings.

You can click on any of the links along the bottom of the application to connect to providing you with in-depth information on the following.

  • Radar Maps (Satellite Cover, Precipitation Type and Precipitation Intensity)
  • Road Conditions (Local maps of the status of roads)
  • Submit Photos (Send us your photos of weather-related activities)
  • Video Forecasts (Watch our Short and Long-Term segments)

If you would like to uninstall WeatherEye from your computer click “Start“, then select “Programs“, find the Weather Network folder, and click on “Uninstall WeatherEye“.

Download the free and the most complete weather gadget for your Windows Desktop or Mac dashboard.

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