Desktops from sysinternals, to create virtual desktops for windows

Desktops v1.0 has been released by the windows sysinternal team from Microsoft and it is is now available for download.If you are a windows user and you like to do multitasking, then Desktops is a great tool to simulate virtual desktops.If you hate the clutter of the windows, then you will love Desktops.

With Desktops , you can simulate up to four virtual desktops. You can then organize your applications on to these virtual desktops. As a heavy user of internet and computers, I always like to do multitasking. The very idea of browsing the web/internet on one, writing some code on the second, updating my blog on the third and reading emails on the fourth, without the clutter of the windows sounds great. WoW.


Switching the desktops is as easy as as configuring a few hotkeys and using them.You can even switch between the virtual desktops, by clicking on the Desktops tray icon and selecting a desktop.


However Desktops is not compatible with any application that does not like multiple instances, like firefox.It is a poorer cousin to virtuawin but simple and very light on memory.However it is only version 1.0 and we hope to see more improvements.

Desktops 1.0 is vista compatible and is free. It is similar to OS X Leopard feature “Spaces” and now you can simulate that in vista 😉 . Download Desktops for windows and rejoice folks 🙂

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