Dotx – What is a Dotx File and how to Convert to Docx?

Dotx is a Word Template file. You can convert Dotx to docx format using the free DOTX to DOCX Converter. This is a free open source tool released under GPL.

Both Dotx and Docx file extensions belong to the Microsoft Office 2007 suite (and above) and these are new formats based on xml. While Dotx is a Microsoft Office Word template file format, Docx is a Microsoft Office Word document format. These new Microsoft formats are a combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction. Microsoft Office Open XML format is applicable to Word, Excel and PowerPoint application of MS Office, since office 2007. However, it must be remembered that this is a microsoft format and is not the same as the Open Document standard (also an XML-based standard), being developed as a true open standard by the open source community.

A Microsoft Office Word 2007 (and later) template (Dotx file) is usually created to hold sample content, formatting, or objects that can be used to quickly and easily create a new document (Docx file). You can read this tutorial on how to create a Word Template in office 2007. While any word document can be easily used as a template, you can also use a word template to quickly create word documents as detailed in that tutorial. There are some excellent free resume templates available in office 2007.

But what if you do not have office 2007 yet? We do recommend you to get office 2007, but if you are still on an earlier version of MS office, then you may not able to use a office 2007 dotx template file. Microsoft had released a Compatibility Pack, that you can use on some previous versions of Word (or other MS office applications) to open docx files saved using MS Office Word 2007. However, the compatibility pack does not support opening of Office Word 2007 template files (.dotx files).

DOTX to DOCX Converter is the free solution. This software converts Dotx to Docx and thereby acts as an extension for the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack, which does not include support for DOTX files. If you want to use a Word template, available as a Dotx file, in an earlier version of MS office, you can first convert it to DOCX using DOTX to DOCX Converter and then use the office 2007 compatibility pack to open it.

Free download DOTX to DOCX Converter exe from here. double click the exe and follow the wizard to install the program on your PC.

dotx to docx converter

To open and convert a Dotx file, launch the program and click Add button to select the dotx file template and the destination docx document. Next, Click covert. That is all folks. You have now converted a dotx to a docx file and it can be opened using office xp, office 2003 applications.

You can also check and download free PDF Converter to Convert Word to PDF and to Convert to PDF any word or excel document.

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