Download Avatar Movie Windows 7 Theme

Free Download Avatar Movie Windows 7 Theme from Microsoft. James Cameron’s Avatar, a science fiction story, was recently released worldwide. As part of its advertising campaign, Fox Studios had partnered with Microsoft to offer a futuristic Windows 7 desktop theme and screensaver for free download. These promotional items are intended to create a buzz among the worldwide movie fans.

Starting from Windows 7, Microsoft has made it easy for its advertising partners to create and distribute free Windows 7 themes.

This is what Microsoft had to say on this.

Windows 7 is a great platform for any advertiser wishing to connect with their customers – it reaches beyond traditional advertising and builds a fresh relationship right from the consumer’s desktop. Whether you’re looking for a pure branding message that embeds your persona directly within the consumer’s desktop, or a full Windows Theme Experience, our partners have found this opportunity both powerful and unique. And Windows 7 makes it easy.

Realizing the massive increase in the use of computers worldwide and the huge potential that they have as advertising platforms, several leading companies have already partnered with Microsoft, to leverage the Windows 7 desktop and its personalization options like Windows 7 themes, for promoting their brands. This includes several popular brands like Coco Cola, Pepsi Ducati, Ferrari, Porsche and more.

Download Avatar Movie Windows 7 Theme

Avatar Windows 7 Theme can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Windows 7 personalization gallery. You can download this Windows 7 theme directly from Microsoft here.

You can also download the Windows 7 NatGeo Theme to download wallpapers on nature from National Geographic as HD Wallpapers. The NatGeo Theme lets you find and download any HD wallpaper on nature, animals, history or any other category, from National Geographic.

Free Download Windows 7 Themes for your desktop.

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