Download EchoVNC

Download EchoVNC and enjoy remote desktop connectivity. EhoVNC is a secure, “firewall-friendly” remote desktop access tool with support for VNC, Remote Desktop (RDP), and RAdmin servers and viewers.

We had earlier covered ultravnc, a free remote helpdesk software, that lets you remotely connect to a PC in another location. EchoVNC is very similar to ultravnc and with it any Windows PC or Mac OSX can be remotely accessed regardless of firewall, router or web-proxy configuration.

Download EchoVNC

EchoVNC differs from UltraVNC in the following two ways:

  • Unlike UltraVNC, EchoVNC is built around the echoWare toolkit, which allows it to make “firewall friendly” Viewer to Server connections via a packet-relay server, called an “echoServer”.
  • EchoVNC platform enables these firewall friendly connections not only for itself, but for other remote desktop services that are enabled alongside it, including other VNC servers, Remote Desktop and RAdmin.

Thus EchoVNC lets you connect to remote desktop bypassing awkward router configuration. You can thus avoid messing around with proxies to make remote connections.

EchoVNC also has the following addition features:

  • an integrated chat client server,
  • a system for transferring files,
  • several new viewing modes and
  • ability to record the screen activity in a SWF file.

While you can download ultravnc, if you are comfortable in manually configuring routers, free download EchoVNC from here and enjoy remote desktop connectivity on Windows, Mc OSX or linux.

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