Download Filezilla Portable FTP client

Download portable FTP client of Filezilla.You can now carry a FTP client with any of your portable device including an ipod, USB thumbdrive, portable hard drive or any other portable media.

Portable Filezilla is an award winning FTP client that could used by plugging into any windows pased computer/PC. Portable Filezilla has all the features of the desktop version and it does not require any installation.

In previous versions, as with standard zip versions and other portable packages, if you wished to store SFTP hashes between sessions, the only option available was to store it in the registry in the same location as regular PuTTY. And this would be left behind on the PC/computer. This posed two issues. First, if you accidentally saved it, you would leave a trail of what servers you connected to via SFTP. Second, if you relied on the local PC’s cache of a specific server, it might theoretically be possible to spoof the cached hash in conjunction with a change to the DNS record via a host file, and connect you to a different server, for the purpose of stealing any of your passwords. These have been rectified in FileZilla Portable

Free download the portable FTP clientFilezilla portable.

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