How to Download Flash Games and Movies for Free

The online world is full of addictive flash games that attract people of various age groups.If you are looking for methods to free download flash games and play them on your desktop, here is one free and easy method.

Since the flash games are hosted online, you will have to be connected to the internet to play them online.But what if you wanted to download the flash games and carry them wherever you go, so that you can play them without the need for connecting to internet.We had earlier covered one method to save flash files through browsers, whether it be flash movies or flash games or flash animations.Here we will detail another simple and easy method to download flash games to your PC.

It is possible to look inside the source code of the web page that hosts the flash game and find the direct link to the flash game (swf file).But this is made easier by Here is how you go about downloading flash games using

How to download Flash (swf) Games for free

  • 1. Go to the web page where the flash game is hosted. Copy the URL of web page to the clipboard by selecting it and pressing ctrl+C
  • 2. Next, go to and paste the URL by pressing ctrl+V.
  • 3. Choose “Objects” as the filter, read and agree to the terms and conditions and click “Get Files” button.
  • 4. will extract and display links to all objects including flash files (.swf files).
  • 5. Finally, right click on the link to the flash game and save the file to download it to your computer.
Download Flash Games

You can then play the downloaded flash game using any flash player. There are several free flash players available on the Internet. Enjoy downloading flash (swf) games and movies and playing them offline.

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  1. does this work with games on fb???

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