Free uTorrent Portable Edition for Windows

Earlier we covered how to download uTorrent installer for Windows and Mac. This excellent torrent client is now available as a portable version from Portableapps.

uTorrent is an innovative and light weight client and it is one of the most favorite BitTorrent clients among torrent users worldwide. uTorrent Portable is the portable version of the free BitTorrent client and it has a very identical and intuitive user interface. With uTorrent Portable, you can search for new torrents through the “Search” box on the top right corner of the interface. you can also use the RSS feed reader to get all information about your favorite torrent sites.

Though it is slightly bigger than the installable edition of uTorrent, it is equally powerful and efficient and has all the features like labeling torrents, receiving RSS feeds from torrent sites, schedule and prioritize bandwidth etc.

By Default, uTorrent Portable will download files to the folder “uTorrentPortable\Data\downloads” and store torrents in the folder “uTorrentPortable\Data\torrents”. you can change these folder locations through “Options”. You may enter “\” for the root directory of your portable device, “\Documents” for the documents directory on your device, “\Documents\downloads” and so on. however, you will do well to remember that Downloading files directly to a flash drive will hamper the performance of other running portable apps.

uTorrent Portable works on Windows 7, windows XP and Windows vista.Free Download uTorrent Portable from here and enjoy this excellent torrent client wherever you go and whenever you want, without the need for installing it.

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