How to Download Gmail mails with Gmail Backup

Download Gmail Backup for free and backup your emails in Gmail! Gmail Backup lets you backup and restore all your emails in GMail account.

Gmail Backup is useful for those who use Gmail account as their primary email account for communication.It is especially useful for business users of Gmail, as it would help them to back up all their important communications to to their PC or any other media.

To backup emails in Gmail, you need to activate the IMAP access to your Gmail inbox. If you are not sure about how to enable IMAP, read this article on how to enable Gmail IMAP settings.After enabling IMAP, you can easily download and backup emails from Gmail, with this free tool.

Gmail Backup does help you to do incremental backup, by checking all emails in the Gmail Account to find whether they have already been downloaded.It skips those emails that have already been downloaded and only downloads emails which are not present in your local copy. However, the best way to backup the emails is by specifying the date from when the emails in your Gmail inbox shall be downloaded.

The interface is quite intuitive to use.Find a screen-shot of it below.

Download Gmail Backup

Advanced users can even use the command line interface to backup and restore emails from Gmail. For example, to specify the from date through your command line interface (CLI), use the following syntax.

gmail-backup.exe backup dir password 20100101 

where “dir” is the name of the folder or directory where you want to download the mails, “” is your gmail account, “passwd” is your Gmail password and “20100101” is the “From date” (Jan 1 2010) in yyyymmdd format.

You can omit the date to perform a full backup. To restore your email into your GMail account from the backup, use the following command.

gmail-backup.exe restore dir password 

Download the free Gmail Backup and back up your emails in Gmail.

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