Download Google Chrome 3.0

Do you know that you can now download Google Chrome 3? A few days after Google Chrome 2 came out of beta, the Chromium team have started working on Google chrome 3 and a few releases have been made already.

Features Of Google chrome 3.0:

Google Chrome 3 is now available for download from the Dev channel, meaning that these Google Chrome releases may be unstable and are recommended only for testing purposes. The current Google Chrome 3 version does not have many interesting new feature and is more focussed on eliminating bugs and fixing crashes.The notable features are:

  • Support for video tags
  • Themes are enabled by default in Google Chrome 3.0 for Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Increased cookie limit up to 3000, matching Firefox 3.5
  • Fixes for issues with various Google Chrome UI elements and numerous other bugs

You can find more about Google Chrome 3.0 in the release notes here.

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If you are keen in taking a test drive, download Google chrome 3.0 from the Dev channel here.

As mentioned above, Google Chrome 3.0 is still a Dev channel version and may not be ideal for normal usage.But be sure to download a more stable Google chrome 3 sooner. Until then download google chrome 2 and enjoy faster browsing.

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