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Earlier we covered articles on how to download Google Chrome beta and how to do an offline installation by downloading Google Chrome Installer.

We also covered an article on how to download Google Chrome 2. The article covered the steps required to subscribe to Beta or Dev channels of google chrome. Google Chrome 2 provided experimental user script support for Greasemonkey, which can be enabled by adding a –enable-user-scripts flag to your Google Chrome shortcut, on your desktop.If you are not sure of how to add that flag, refer this article, that provides a solution to the Google Chrome Application Failed To Initialize Error.

How To Install Google Chrome Extensions?

Now Google Chrome has introduced an option to download and install Google Chrome Extensions. But this option is now available for the Dev version of google chrome only. To use the Dev version, you need to subscribe to the Dev channel of Google Chrome. But note that the dev version may not be as stable as the beta version and you need to use it at your own risk.

After you subscribe to the dev channel of Google chrome, open the Google Chrome browser and click on the Settings icon (Customize and Control Google chrome) on the right corner. Under this menu, click About Google Chrome. In the pops up window, hit Update Now. Once the update is complete, add –enable-extensions to your Chrome command line.If you have a Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop, edit the shortcut to add the –enable-extensions parameter as shown below.

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Double click on the shortcut to open Google Chrome. Browse to this page and click on the Install link for any of those sample extensions. After confirmation, the Google Chrome Extension gets installed on the browser.

Google chrome Extensions:

A few Google chrome Extensions available for Dev version of google Chrome are:

  • Gmail Checker that displays a toolstrip showing how many messages are in your Gmail inbox
  • Subscribe in Google Reader that provides easy access to subscribe to a webpage’s feed in Google Reader
  • BuildBot Monitor that shows the current status of the Chromium Build Bot

Install Google Chrome Extensions on the Dev version of your google Chrome browser and enjoy.

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  1. These extentions suck. I wish they would accept firefox plugins instead. You know like a lot of image applications accept photoshop plugins. Google is a little slow with this browser.

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