Download Google Chrome Installer (Offline)

Google Chrome is an open source browser and is not only minimalistic, but has some very useful features. You can download Google Chrome from its Home Page – here. When you download the setup for Google Chrome, you’re only downloading the installer for Google Updater. The updater in turn downloads Google Chrome’s full setup and then installs the software.

Google Chrome Features:

Google Chrome has one unified box that serves all the needs including Web search, Web history, Address bar and Suggestions as you type.The Browser has dynamic tabs, that can be dragged out of it to create new windows. You can even gather multiple tabs into one window or arrange them for quick and easy navigation.

Chrome also enables Safe Browsing, by warning you when you’re about to visit a suspected phishing, malware or otherwise unsafe website.Users can even choose incognito mode for private browsing without leaving any traces of pages visited in their web history. Every Google Chrome Tab is run independently in the browser.Thus, if one application crashes, it won’t take the others down.

Chrome also makes it easy to switch from your current browser by importing all the settings, including bookmarks and passwords from your existing browser.

How To Download Google Chrome Offline Installer?

As mentioned above, Google Chrome’s Home Page has only the installer for Google Updater.But many would find the need to perform an offline install of the software.If you are one, who is looking for it, then download this Google Chrome Offline Installer.

This is an alternate installer to the one available at and it is a full standalone offline installer.However, you may have to ensure that you bookmark it and frequently visit the page to download the most current version.

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