Internet Explorer 9 – Download and enjoy the beauty of the web

Microsoft has released a beta version of its new and upcoming browser – internet explorer 9! Our experience with IE 9 beta has been excellent so far and Microsoft seems to have taken steps in the right direction, in building this new cool browser.

Internet explorer 9 supports HTML 5, harnesses the power of the computer’s graphic processor and some useful windows 7 features like “jump lists”, “aero-snap” and “pinning of favorite pages”. IE 9 is also powered by a new javascript engine. Overall, Microsoft has made a sincere attempt to improve performance and in letting you browse the web as applications installed on your computer. This was one of the main objectives behind the Google chrome browser and Microsoft has done well to choose the good elements from its competitors.

One of the usual complaints with internet explorer is non-compliance with web standards and Microsoft seem to have addressed it well in IE 9, by offering decent support for HTML 5 and all other new web standards and technologies. These include CSS3, SVG, ICC Color Profiles, DOM L2 & L3 and ECMAScript5.

All these are steps in the right direction, as browser compliance with common web standards makes it easier for developers to build web applications, which provide the same user experience across browsers.It will also help them to focus their time and energy in building the web application’s features, rather than addressing the browser incompatibilities.

Windows 7 has been been a major hit among computer users worldwide and Microsoft has done well to seamlessly integrate its new browser with windows 7 and its most liked features like jump lists for websites, pinning of favorite web pages to the task-bar and aero-snap to re-size the browser tabs by dragging them to the edge of the screen!

Internet explorer 9 has a Google chrome like interface, with an integrated address bar, a search box and one single drop-down menu on the right, consolidating all the browser tools. The focus on minimalistic design is evident in Microsoft’s new browser.

The browser menus are hidden by default and you can bring them alive by pressing the “Alt” key.

Download Internet Explorer 9 beta (Free)

The Compatibility View has been placed next to the address bar in IE 9, and it fixes problems like out of place menus, images or text in IE9. This, along with tools like In-private filtering and smart-screen filter, could be turned on or off through “Tools”, which is visible on pressing the “Alt” key.

IE 9 compatibility view

Web pages and all its elements like fonts, colors, graphic images and videos look a lot clearer, brighter and smoother in IE 9, than any other browser. Microsoft has achieved this by tapping into the computer’s graphics processor, through the underlying windows OS (windows 7 or Vista), to harness the full potential of the computer! Microsoft has been talking about hardware acceleration for a while now and IE 9 is definitely making use of this to its advantage.

Microsoft has not only introduced several useful features in IE 9, but it has also enhanced several existing features in Internet explorer 8. is the domain through which Microsoft chose to unveil internet explorer 9 beta.

Free download internet explorer 9 from here and experience the beauty of the web through Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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