Download Ipad SDK – iPhone SDK 3.2 beta from Apple

Iphone OS developers can now download Ipad SDK (iPhone SDK 3.2 beta) and develop iPad applications. Apple had recently announced its new product – ipad, the apple tablet PC. It has also released the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta, for download by members of the iPhone Developer Program, to develop the next generation of innovative applications for iPad.

iPhone SDK 3.2 beta contains all the tools you need to start developing and optimizing iPhone OS applications for iPad. Registered iPhone Developers can download iPhone SDK 3.1.2, which includes the Xcode IDE, iPhone (ipad) simulator, and a suite of additional tools for developing applications for iPhone and iPod touch.

Download Ipad SDK

The iPad Simulator lets you build and run your iPad application on your Mac, allowing you to lay out your user interface for the larger screen size, test your app’s memory usage, and shorten the debug cycle in the design process.

The iPhone SDK contains the code, information, and tools you need to develop, test, run, debug, and tune applications for the iPhone OS. The iPhone SDK supports the creation of graphically-oriented applications. Creating simple applications that run on iPhone OS is relatively easy with the built-in project templates provided by Xcode.The Xcode tools have been updated to support development for the iPhone OS. In addition to providing the basic editing, compilation, and debugging environment for your code, Xcode also provides the launching point for testing your applications on an iPhone or iPod touch device. Xcode also lets you run applications in iPhone simulator, a platform that mimics the basic iPhone OS environment on your local Macintosh computer.

Developers also get access to iPad Sample Code, iPad Programming Guide and iPad Human Interface Guidelines. Become a member of the iPhone Developer program and download iPad SDK from here and take full advantage of the technologies found on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with a single binary.

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