Download Microsoft Security Essentials – Free for small businesses

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

– Small businesses can download Microsoft Security Essentials for free, and install it on computers running windows 7, Vista and XP sp3. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free, lightweight and comprehensive security solution for windows. The free download is available from October 2010.

Microsoft Security Essentials is Microsoft’s own antivirus product for computers running windows 7, Vista and XP (SP3 only).It was initially developed as a free antivirus solution for home computers. Microsoft has now extended this free antivirus solution to small businesses as well.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Until now, Microsoft Security Essentials was a good free antivirus solution for computers running genuine windows OS. With more and more complaints about the frequent virus and malware threats to computers running Windows, Microsoft decided to build its own antivirus solution and offer it free for retail customers running windows OS on their computers. This was an attempt to retain its customer base who migrate to Mac OS X or Linux, as they are generally considered to be less prone to virus and malware risks when compared to Windows.

Microsoft Security Essentials for small businesses

Now, Microsoft is planning to extend the free Microsoft Security Essentials to small businesses. By small business, Microsoft means an organization using up to 10 computers.

Security is a big concern and a top priority for these small business owners and they cannot afford to lose business or revenue because of virus attacks. However, most commercial security solutions are expensive and unwieldy for small businesses. Microsoft saw an opportunity to improve the sales of its windows 7 OS here, by offering Microsoft Security Essentials as a free security solution.

Microsoft Security Essentials had received excellent reviews from several blogs and independent agencies and it is now considered to be one of the best free antivirus software for windows. It makes sense for Microsoft to offer this security software for free, as it will result in better sales of their core products namely Windows 7, Office 2010, etc.

Microsoft Security Essentials for Enterprises

Microsoft Security Essentials is a lightweight and a comprehensive security solution and it was originally designed for home computers. Microsoft has now decided to scale up its Windows security software, to meet the demands of small businesses running windows 7 in their computers.

However, Microsoft Security Essentials may not yet be a good antivirus solution for medium and large enterprise customers.We are not even sure whether Microsoft intends to scale its security solution for those customers.It would however be a good business decision, if they could invest more in scaling up their security solutions for enterprise customers and offer them at a reasonable price.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Download Microsoft Security Essentials for Free

Microsoft Security Essentials is now available in 74 markets worldwide and in 25 different languages. You can download microsoft security essentials from here in the language of your choice.Microsoft Security Essentials can be installed with a few clicks and immediately after installation, it runs a full scan of the computer. Once Microsoft Security Essentials is installed, it automatically downloads updates and schedules scans on its own!

Enjoy one of the best free antivirus software from Microsoft.

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