Download Multi Messenger For Yahoo

We earlier covered a multi messenger software for the popular chat program Yahoo Messenger. Now that you can download Yahoo Messenger 11, if you are looking for a tool to open multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger 11, you can try another free software called Yahoo Messenger Tweaker.

Yahoo Messenger Tweaker is yet another free utility that that lets you log into Yahoo Messenger using more that one Yahoo ID, at the same time. i.e. you can open two or more instances of Yahoo Messenger IM client on your PC and login with different Yahoo IDs on each of them! This way, you would be able to chat with different groups of people using different Yahoo IDs, all at the same time.

Multi Messenger For Yahoo

Yahoo Messenger Tweaker is also useful to remove advertisements and customize the populae messenger client in several other ways including the following:

  • Enable tabbed interface for Yahoo Messenger.
  • The tweaker is also useful to fix the “cannot see what I type” problem in the IM client.
  • The software also lets you save the password for the Yahoo IDs, thereby making it easy to login any time.
  • You can also rename the IM client’s title bar.
  • The software also lets you change the login animation.
  • If you feel like clearing the status messages any time, you can do it with the tweaker.
  • Users can also grab and use any avatar.

Free download Yahoo Messenger Tweaker from here and enjoy tweaking Yahoo Messenger!

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