Download Ribbon Hero free for Office 2010 and 2007

Download Ribbon Hero for office 2007 and Office 2010 and learn to be more productive at work in using MS Office applications.Microsoft has introduced a lot of new features in Office 2007. But many MS office users aren’t aware of the existence of such new features! As a result, they fail to take advantage of the new features which, if they had known, would have made them more productive and creative.

Office 2010 is round the corner, but several aren’t even familiar with what can be achieved with office 2007! Hence, Microsoft has now taken the cool approach of introducing Games for learning in office 2007 and 2010. They have now introduced a free add-in called Ribbon Hero for Office 2007 and 2010, to help users discover new features in the Office apps through elements of game-play like scoring points, competing with friends, and earning achievements.

Download Ribbon Hero for Office 2007 and 2010

After you download and install ribbon Hero in office 2007 and Office 2010, there are two ways to score points, while using the apps. As you start using these apps. and do some basic task like making the text bold or italic, you will be credited with some points. When you start using the new features like Styles or Style Sets or a combination of features, you’ll be credited with even more points.

The second and the more interesting and useful way to earn points is by playing challenges introduced by Ribbon Hero. Whenever you click on the Ribbon Hero button, you will see the breakdown of your scores like points that you have earned by working with slides, Getting artistic, and more.Ribbon Hero is an intelligent and useful add-in that keeps track of what features you use and what you don’t and recommends challenges for you to play, thereby exposing you to new features in the Office 2007 and Office 2010 apps.

When you play those challenges, Ribbon Hero provide hints to help you find new features faster.You earn points by playing those challenges and you also learn the new features in office 2007 or office 2010.It is to be noted that you can earn points from playing a challenge twice, as long as you play the challenge on two separate days.

Even more interesting is the Facebook integration provided by Ribbon Hero! Once you connect to Facebook by clicking “Connect to Facebook” button and entering your facebook credentials, you’ll see a leaderboard showing your friends’ scores. Click on any friend to compare your overall score, and your score per challenge. Hit the skip button a few times, and pay attention to the big blue circle to see who’s winning that challenge.

After you’ve connected with Facebook, Ribbon Hero will also let you compare your score to the average score of all of your friends, the average score of all Ribbon Hero users, and the average score in your primary network.

When you hit various milestones, Ribbon Hero will ask you if you want to publish those milestones to your news feed. This happens every 100 points you earn per app, every time you get a perfect score in one of the categories, and when you get a perfect score overall.

There is one limitation of the application for Office 2007 users and that is you can’t get a perfect score, because there are new features on Office 2010 where you can earn more points. To get that perfect score, you can download the free office 2010.

Ribbon Hero works only on windows vista or windows 7 64 bit and 32 bit windows 7. XP users would be disappointed but then microsoft doesn’t want you to be on XP anymore and want you to upgrade from XP to windows 7.The Ribbon Hero add-in is available only for Office 2007 and office 2010. You also need the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office system 3.0 Run-time.

Free download Ribbon Hero from here and learn all the exciting new features in office 2007 and office 2010 while you game around.

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