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SimpleOCR is a free optical character recognition software to scan and translate images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text into machine-editable text format.SimpleOCR can accurately read, convert and translate a hard copy document with standard fonts into an editable soft copy document.Thus SimpleOCR helps avoid the hassle of retyping the hard copy documents again.All you need is a scanner or an AIO (all-in-one) printer.

First the hard copy document need to be scanned.The scanned content can then be edited by importing into any office application like Microsoft Office, Open Office or Word Perfect.

SimpleOCR can not only translate black and white or gray-scale scans of paper documents but it can also translate black and white or gray-scale TIFF images with or without text. SimpleOCR is a freeware that can be used by educational institutions,home users and even corporate users but its usage is not limited in any way.

However if you have documents with non-standard fonts or poor quality images, you may have to use their commercial OCR applications or Imaging SDKs to get accurate reads.

Download SimpleOCR

5 comments on “Download SimpleOCR for Free

  1. I wonder if SimpleOCR is better than software that normally comes with scanners. Nyway, thanks for the tip.

    Alek Davis’s last blog post..Dude, where is your installer?

  2. it will be my first time to use this.

  3. How can download this software?

  4. register and download…it is simple…and free

  5. i am interesed in OCR, but i don’t know how to using the SimpleOCR in chinese.

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