Download Stylish, a firefox add-on, and Gmail Redesigned

Stylish, a firefox add-on to stylise the web:

Stylish is a gorgeous firefox add-on that lets you define custom styles for any web page.Stylish could be easily used to define a new CSS style for any page and believe me, it is too good.Stylish is as good as greasemonkey.stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript.Download and install Stylish, a firefox add-on and stylise any webpage as you like.For example, if you don’t like the CSS here, you could use this wonderful firefox plugin to define your own CSS for this page.

Download Gmail Redesigned, based on Stylish firefox add-on, and make your Gmail pretty:

Globex Designs have created a special Stylish style for Gmail called “Gmail Redesigned“. They have done an excellent job considering the fact that they had taken over more than 1500 styles and very complicated Gmail structure and redesigned it.Globex Designs are updating the styles on a daily basis.So what are you waiting for.Download and install Gmail Redesigned and read your mails in Gmail in style.

However Gmail Redesigned says that it currently supports only English language, though a few other languages work with it too. Gmail Redesigned also does not currently support “Better Gmail 2” and “Remember The Milkfirefox extensions. The folks at Globex Designs are however working on improving it all the time.

Gmail Redesigned makes your Gmail very pretty.

Gmail Redesigned to make your Gmail very pretty

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