Download Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate

Windows Vista SP2 (Service Pack 2) Release Candidate (RC) is now available for download. However to use Vista SP2 RC, you should have installed Windows Vista SP1 already.

Featues of Windows vista SP2:

  • Windows Vista SP2 integrates the Vista Feature pack for wireless, to support Bluetooth v2.1 and Windows Connect Now (WCN) Wi-Fi Configuration
  • Windows Vista SP2 supports the the new 64-bit central processing unit (CPU) from VIA Technologies
  • Provides Improved performance for Wi-Fi connections after resuming from sleep mode
  • SP2 includes updates to the RSS feeds sidebar for improved performance and responsiveness
  • Provides the ability to record data to Blu-Ray Disc media
  • Includes Windows Search 4.0 with improved indexing and search relevance
  • Has an Improved Windows Media Center (WMC)
  • Provides a registry key for providing the ability to increase the maximum number of open TCP connections to increase application compatibility
  • Provides Improved power management

Language files for all the 36 basic languages are included in the standalone installer. Download Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate from here.

Though Release Candidates are usually stable, if you want to install the final Windows Vista SP2, at a later date, you will have to uninstall the Release Candidate first.

Update: You can now download windows Vista SP2 here, as a final version. To install it, you must first uninstall this Windows Vista SP2 RC, if you had installed the Release Candidate earlier.

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