Download Word Templates without Office Genuine Validation Check

Download Microsoft Office Templates

– We earlier saw how to create Word Templates and how to use them in your work. If you are like me who works on word or excel documents a lot, you will appreciate the usefulness of templates in speeding up your work.

Templates are also a great way of enforcing document standards in an office environment. Templates not only help in branding the documents but they also help in ensuring the quality of documents. Since you now know the importance of templates, it is always a good practice to have a pack of document templates ready, when you set up an office big or small! These include templates for reports, newsletters, brochures, budget and more.

Though it will be great if you could create you own templates, you could also download them from the web and customize them. Microsoft has an excellent collection of templates for various categories of documents and you can download them for free. You could download and use them as it is (or with your branding) or customize them to your needs. Until recently, you would be able to download these office document templates, if only you pass the OGA (Office Genuine Advantage) check. Now, Microsoft seem to have quietly retired this program and anyone can download the free templates from Microsoft. It is not only the templates but you could also download any Office add-ins, without any OGA checks.

Microsoft Office Word Templates

Download the office templates for free and enjoy.

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