Download wordpress 2.7 and upgrade your wordpress installation

Upgrade to wordpress 2.7. The much awaited release of wordpress 2.7 is finally here.

WordPress team has finally released the latest and the greatest version.There was a delay, but I hope it is for the good. There were a lot of changes made in this version and it is more important for the team to make sure that it will be a painless upgrade to wordpress 2.7.

How to install or upgrade to wordpress 2.7 ?

  • Free download wordpress 2.7
  • Backup your current wordpress blog.Check out why and how to backup wordpress blog.
  • Follow this quick tutorial to upgrade to wordpress 2.7. If you are relatively new to wordpress, You can follow this detailed tutorial to upgrade to wordpress 2.7
  • If you are installing wordpress for the first time, you can check out this wordpress installation tutorial

Before upgrading, make sure that your hosting environment meets the following minimum requirements. It is also advisable to do the upgrade first in a test environment on your local system or on the server.

If you would like to know what you get in this version, check out the wordpress 2.7 features. Enjoy wordpress 2.7.

3 comments on “Download wordpress 2.7 and upgrade your wordpress installation

  1. Rajesh,
    Is your plugin (platinum SEO) compatible with WordPress 2.7? I don’t see an update on your plugin page.

  2. It was compatible when i tested with beta versions.I am sure it will be compatible with the the final wordpress 2.7.

    I didn’t find time to test it as there was a personal loss in the family as he accepted God’s invitation to visit him.

    Will soon test it and update the compatibility status.Thanks for the reminder

  3. Sad to hear of the loss.

    Regarding the plugin it needs to address 2 issues:

    1. Design Problem: Platinum Box in Write Post/Page cannot be dragged and dropped. Pls enable that.
    2. Indexing Problem: Currently all comments get paged getting page numbers like comment-page-1 and so on. Adding a rel nofollow tag on these pages would prevent duplicate content penalty imposed by search engines and also will allow google to index the comments too.

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