Dual monitor Tools to manage dual or multiple screens

Do you use a Dual monitor setup? If yes, you will definitely find these free dual monitor tools useful. If you already use a dual monitor setup, then you must already be knowing the benefits of the extra desktop space, in the form of a second monitor.

For example, if your work requires you to be in constant touch with people, through social networks like Twitter or facebook, you can make use of the second monitor to stay on top of your tweets and status messages, while you continue your work on the other monitor. If you are a personality who loves to be on top of several things at the same time and is always in a multi-tasking mode, you will love the dual or multi-monitor desktop.

Dual Monitor Tools is a free open source software package for Windows, which eases the way you use your dual monitors. The package, currently, consists of the following four useful tools.

Swap Screen – This tool provides hot-keys for carrying out common tasks,thereby simplifying the process of handling windows in a multi-monitor setup. This includes hot-keys for tasks like “moving the active application window to the next monitor”, “minimizing all windows on a single monitor only” and “rotating the contents of all monitors”. It also includes “mouse or cursor control”, which lets you lock the mouse to a single screen, thereby restricting mouse movement between monitors.

Run the “Swap Screen” utility, and it will put itself into the notification area of the task-bar. When you right click the “Swap Screen” icon in the notification area, it will pop up a context menu, where you will find options to “minimize all windows on individual monitors” and to “move all application windows to the next monitor”. Double clicking the “Swap Screen” icon will pop up an “options” screen, where you can specify hot-keys for the various actions.

Dual Monitor

Dual Wallpaper – This dual screen wallpaper utility simplifies the process of using images as wallpaper in multi-monitor setups. You can either specify a different wallpaper for each monitor or spread a wallpaper across two or more monitors.

When you run the dual wallpaper utility, you will find the following GUI.

Dual Screen Wallpaper

The area at the top of the window illustrates a logical representation of your monitors. It makes sense if your monitors are also physically arranged like this, but this may not always be the case.The screen number is displayed on each monitor and the primary monitor also has a “P” after the screen number.

It is possible to select a particular monitor by clicking on its representation in this window. You can also select multiple monitors by holding down the control key when you click on the monitors. The selected monitors are highlighted with a yellow border.

To add an image to one or more monitors, first select those monitors and then click on the browse button to choose an existing image to use. When you have done this, a thumbnail of the image is shown to the right of the “Browse” button.

If the size of the image is not the same size as the rectangle enclosing all of the selected screens, then the ‘Fit’ combo box determines any scaling that need to be applied to the image. The following are the available options.

  • Center image and do not stretch – This is the default option and will result in each pixel in the image mapping to a single pixel on the screen. If your image is larger than the selected monitors, then the image will be clipped. If The image is smaller than the selected monitors, then a border will be displayed around the image.
  • Stretch ignoring aspect ratio .
  • Over stretch and clip to maintain aspect ratio.
  • Under stretch and add bars to maintain aspect ratio.

After choosing the desired option, you can then click the ‘Add Image’ button to add the image to the selected monitors.

dual screen wallpaper options

You can also adjust the position of the image and zoom in or out using the “Move Image” and the “Zoom Image” tools. When you are finally happy with the chosen settings, you can click the ‘Set Wallpaper’ button and you should see your new wallpaper displayed on your dual monitors.

DisMon & Dismon7” – These tools basically let you disable and enable the second monitor, whenever you want. While “Dismon” works on windows xp/vista, “Dismon 7” works on windows 7. You can even run some specific applications with the second monitor disabled for them alone.

Dual Snap” – This tool allows you to capture the image on the primary monitor and display it on the secondary monitor, by using an user defined hot key.

Free download Dual Monitor Tools from here.

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