Free solution for editing interactive PDF forms

Edit PDF Forms on the fly with JustFormsPDF (for developers)

– If you do look for a free solution to fill or edit interactive PDF forms on-the-fly, the java based “JustFormsPDF” library is a nice component to integrate with your applications. PDF is definitely a cool portable document format to generate and distribute forms and these include any kind of application or registration form.

We earlier covered a few free online PDF editing tools. They do help to edit PDF files without the need for adobe acrobat, but with some limitations.We also told you on how you could convert PDF to Word, edit it using a Word editor and then convert it back to PDF using Word to PDF or Docx to PDF converters.

Here we cover a free java library called “JustFormsPDF”, to integrate with your application and provide PDF editing capabilities on any interactive PDF form included with your application.

JustFormsPDF is a java based library and hence it is platform independent. Moreover, it can be installed and run in any Java program including Servlets, JSPs or EJBs on systems running Java 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4. It is not only easy to integrate but you can also download it for free. Here are some features of JustFormsPDF.

  • It can be used in any application to provide a solution for filling or editing interactive PDF Forms.
  • Output PDF can be streamed to a file or web browser.
  • Supports most of form elements including Text Fields, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons and Combo Boxes.
  • Form fields can be customized for appearance like color, justification and font.
  • Distinctive save-protected PDF feature.

JustFormsPDF provides APIs to edit or modify most AcroForm elements. However, it does not support form elements of type “Signature” and provides limited support for “Button” type form element (you can only change its caption). Further, element names must not contain any white spaces and/or special characters.

The library is thread safe, as multiple server or application threads can edit different documents simultaneously, without interfering with each other. However, opening the same file by several threads at the same time may cause file locking issues.

However, being a java library you could easily extend its capabilities by including it within your application.

You need to provide a valid email address to receive the free license key.You should also read and agree to the terms and conditions.

2 comments on “Free solution for editing interactive PDF forms

  1. How can this be a free solution? The EULA in the download states it’s only free for evaluation! If I want to use this for commercial or non-commercial purposes I will need to buy a license. Please clarify 😮

    Java developers may be interested in iText, which can be used free of charge, but only for non-commercial activities.

    .NET developers should look at ABCpdf from WebSupergoo, as the standard edition can be obtained free of charge and used for commercial activities.

    Any more recommendations?


  2. Where do you see that? When I click on download, I only see the following as part of their EULA (there are a few other sections like donation and General)

    2. Exclusion of Liability
    The JustFormsPDF library is a light-weight software component and there is no way it can damage a software/hardware system by its use. Furthermore it is being provided free of charge. We, therefore, are not liable of damage of any kinds arising from the use of JustFormsPDF library.

    3. Reverse Engineering
    You will not attempt to reverse engineer JustFormsPDF by compiling, de-compiling or disassembling.

    4. Support
    Under the license agreement, we will not be able to provide any technical and other support at this point.

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