Printing over internet is better than email fax

Printershare is an excellent alternative to email faxservices as it lets you print over internet to any printer connected to a computer, even if they are not on the same network.

Email fax services typically work by sending faxes by email and these are later printed at the destination. PrinterShare makes it even more easy by letting you directly print from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Photo Editor or any other program to a printer connected to another PC, located anywhere in the world.

How does print over internet work?

The recipient of the printed output should share his printer to his counterpart.Sharing the printer does not require any specific knowledge or configuration. To share the printer, you simply need to run PrinterShare console application. The application shows all physical and network printers configured on the computer. By clicking on each printer within the console application, you may select or modify its sharing properties i.e. whether or not to share the printer on the network, name of the shared printer etc. Thus all printers on your network are automatically detected by PrinterShare and as long as you can print to them from your computer, you can share the printer with any other PC. You can also stop sharing the printer at any time.

print over internet

With PrinterShare, you may choose to confirm every print job, before printing it to paper. You may also know who initiated the print over internet and choose to either accept or reject it.

Thus all the nuances associated with email fax like incorrect formatting of documents, data or quality loss and unwanted spams are overcome with PrinterShare.You can also print large documents with rich graphics using PrinterShare.

PrinterShare works seamlessly behind any proxy or firewall.All you need is an internet connection.

Why is print over the internet better than email fax?

There are several reasons why print over the internet is better than email fax. for eg., you can print documents to the printer attached to your computer at home or office, from anywhere! You have complete control over sharing the printer.

Free download PrinterShare, and enjoy printing over internet.If the documents are available as hard copies, you can scan and print on the remote printer using PrinterShare.Welcome print over internet and bid farewell to email fax.

2 comments on “Printing over internet is better than email fax

  1. I can’t express how much internet fax has helped my business. The price is great, it is reliable, saves a lot of time and leaves me extremely organized. I am also very conscious about the environment so I like how you save paper.

  2. I haven’t been using online fax for very long but so far the switch has proved beneficial. It’s not difficult and much less paper ends up being wasted.
    It’s also useful if you want to keep a log of the faxes you’ve sent and received.

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