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We had earlier told you about the free Excel viewer 2007. It can be used to open, view and print Excel files, even if you don’t have the full version of Microsoft Excel installed.We had also told you about other free Excel viewer programs, which an be used to not only open and view excel files but also edit and save them as xls or xlsx files.

Free xlsx viewer online

Here is another excellent and easy way to open any excel file without any spreadsheet software installed on your PC! Yes, this is a free online excel viewer – called zoho sheet viewer. Zoho is a popular online office tool vendor and their Excel Viewer supports microsoft office 2003 (xls files), office 2007 (xlsx files), open office, open document and Gnumeric spreadsheet.

How to use the free online excel viewer to view xlsx or xls files?

  • Go to Zoho sheet here.
  • open your excel file by browsing to the folder where you have it saved and then click “View“.

That is it! Zoho excel viewer will open the file online in a browser window. You can not only view the excel file but you can also edit it online and then export it into various formats including Excel 2007 workbook (xlsx file), Excel 97-2003 workbook (xls file), open document spreadsheet, open office spreadsheet, Gnumeric spreadsheet, CSV file, tab separated file, HTML document and/or a PDF document. If you have a Zoho account , you can even save it to your account!

Online Excel Viewer - xlsx viewer, xls viewer

If you have an excel file on a server, simply specify the URL to the file location and click “view” to open, view and even edit it.

Enjoy the free online excel viewer.It supports the following spreadsheet file formats – MS Excel (.xls and xlsx), CSV (.csv) and Open Office Calc (.sxc) Documents.

2 comments on “Excel Viewer – Free online xls and xlsx file viewer

  1. Thanks for sharing this desktop excel viewer. Will this work on office 2003 files?

  2. What if you wanted to protect your XLS file so that people could not download the file itself, yet view it and/or print the contents to paper, via ink jet or laser or whatever printer they may have?

    I have a customer who has a spreadsheet that he created and uses in his business. It provides technicians with job pricing including labor, parts, and supplies, as well as overhead. All they have to do is open the book and give the customer the price for each little project they may need done. He does not want to give them all the calculations just the numbers. And every so often, usually once a year, it needs to be updated. He wants to be able to sell the updates at a reasonable price.

    Is there a way to do this now?


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