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Download the Facebook Messenger client for windows and enjoy chatting with your Facebook friends, just like you do on Windows live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.Though Facebook is already a popular social networking site, it lacks a true instant messenger like the Google Talk or the Windows Live Messenger.

If you’re reading this, the chances are you are one of Facebook’s several million active users. But are you using Facebook Chat? With more than a billion instant messages being sent a day on Facebook Chat it’s likely that you have checked out Facebook Chat at least once, even if it was just to see if that special someone was online.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Facebook Chat is awesome, I like having the ability to talk to my friends – and that random cute blond girl with piercing blue eyes I met at the bar last weekend. She may, however, eventually get lost among the several friends that I never talk to.

There are a few things about Facebook Chat, however, that to say the least, really ticks me of.

Facebook Chat – The Not So Instant Messenger

Facebook Chat is not a real time instant messenger. It requires a refresh time of approximately three minutes to refresh who is online and who isn’t. Confused? Yeah me too! Let me give you an example. Let us say we have two “Facebook friends” Zoe and James. James has been checking out Zoe’s pictures from last night’s outrageous party, for at least three minutes on Facebook and Zoe has just signed in. Zoe can see that James is signed into Facebook, but James can’t see that Zoe is signed in for at least three minutes, unless she chats with him.

Three minutes isn’t a big deal right? Wrong. If Zoe starts chatting with James after a few seconds of her signing in James’ Facebook Chat will recognize that she is online, at first, then after 30 seconds or so show Zoe as offline. Picture this: Zoe messages James, James replies immediately then waits – Zoe is putting on her makeup – thirty seconds later Zoe has signed out, at least that’s how it appears to James. James then starts talking to Amy instead, who has also been signed in longer than three minutes.

Facebook Chat – The Postman That Doesn’t Always Deliver

Facebook Chat sometimes has an attitude problem like a teenage girl! Sometimes it’ll give you a strop for no apparent reason and stop sending your messages. I can only assume that this is due to the sheer volume of instant messages that are being sent and received.

Facebook Chat – Old School IRC style Coded Messages

At least one of the techies who worked on the Facebook Chat team was probably an old school IRC user. In order to use bold and underline you have to type codes. For example to send bold text you type “*your text*” and, similarly, for sending underline text you type “_your text_”.

Facebook Chat – Emoticons

Similar to using underline and bold, you have to type emoticon codes to get emoticons sent to your Facebook friends. There is no emoticon button to help you insert them. Here’s a tip – give us a bold, underline and emoticon button in Facebook Chat.

Facebook Chat – Pop Goes the Weasel

Not that I’m the complaining type or anything, but I don’t like having to have my speakers on to know whether someone has sent me an instant message. I like to multi-task and don’t like to have my browser open to use Facebook Chat. Furthermore, I prefer to see instant message notifications on the task bar, than listen out for a pop or watch my browser.

Facebook Messenger

Thankfully, there are many good third party Facebook Instant Messengers that eliminate most of my grievances– Chit Chat for Facebook is an excellent example. It lets you sign into Facebook Chat from your computer without using your web-browser. It’s somewhat similar to other popular Instant Messengers. It provides sign in status alerts, visual instant messenger notifications as well a bold and underline button.

This is a guest post by Daniel Offer, the owner of the Facebook IM , Chit Chat for Facebook.

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  1. This will let users chat directly from their windows and not logging to their Facebook account everytime. Thanks for this post.

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