Get free genuine license key for PPTminimizer

File compression with PPTminimizer is really cool.Compress Word documents and powerpoint files by up to 98% of their initial size with file compression utility PPTminimizer.

PPTminimizer is great file compression tool for Word documents and PowerPoint files and works by optimizing file sizes, without any quality loss.The compressed versions are substantially smaller in size and ideal for sharing.

Features of PPTminimizer (file compression tool):

  • File compression by up to 98%
  • Compresses all PowerPoint presentations from PowerPoint 97 to 2007 (PPTX)
  • Compresses all Word documents from Word 97 to 2003
  • Keeps the original file format – no unzipping required
  • Compresses StarOffice and OpenOffice presentations and documents provided they are saved in a Microsoft format
  • Compact edition runs directly from CD or USB flash drive – no installation required
  • Integrated search function

  • “Drag & Drop” files directly into PPTminimizer to optimize several files at once
  • 4 different compression levels

  • Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Windows Explorer
  • Fully compatible with Windows Vista
  • Developer Version (SDK) available (majority of programming languages are supported: C#, C++, Delphi, Visual BASIC,, etc)

Get free copy of PPTminimizer:

PPTminimizer cost €29,95 or $42.However, follow the steps listed below to get your free genuine license key code for PPTminimizer 4.0:

  • Go to this page
  • Enter your personal details like Name, E-mail address and click Request License button
  • The license code or serial no. for PPTminimizer is generated and displayed
  • Download PPTminimizer 4.0 and install on your PC/computer
  • Run PPTminimizer.Click Enter registration Code button. Enter the Serial Number (generated earlier), Field #1, Field #2 and click the Register button

Enjoy superior file compression with PPTminimizer.

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