File Folder Ownership in Windows 7

File Folder ownership is a must for Windows 7 users to access or change any file or folder. Like in vista, Windows 7 offers more advanced security by preventing any file or folder modification unless you are the owner of the file/folder. Here we will detail the steps to take ownership of files/folders in Windows 7.

How to Take Ownership of Files and Folders in Windows?

In Windows 7, if you try to modify any file/folder which you do not own, you will get an error message stating You don’t currently have permission to access this file/folder. To edit or replace any system file or folders in Windows 7, you would require to take ownership of the file/folder. This is very similar to what file ownership/permission related relates security mechanism in Windows Vista.

  • Navigate to the file/folder that you want to take ownership
  • Right click the file /folder and choose Properties from the right-click context menu
  • Select the Security Tab and click Advanced
File Ownership, Take ownership of files, Take ownership of files in Windows 7
  • Select the Owner tab and click Edit
Folder Ownership, Take ownership of folders, Take ownership of folders in Windows 7
  • Choose the new owner for the file/folder from the list of users/groups in “Change Owner To:” If the user or group is not found in the list, click on other users or groups, enter name of the user/group in the text box and click Check Names button. Click OK after you have selected the correct user.
  • Check the “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” if you have files and folder within selected folder and click OK
File/Folder Permissions
  • Once you have selected the owner, click OK to apply the changes. A Windows Security message will be displayed informing you the following:

    If you had just taken ownership of this object, you will need to close and reopen this object’s properties before you can view or change permissions.

    Click OK to go back to the Owner tab. Close all the windows and exit from the Folder Properties.

That is all. You would have now taken ownership of the file/folder in windows 7.

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