File Splitter To Split Large Files, Video, MP3 or any other media files

Download a free File Splitter called GSplit and split large files into smaller and easily sharable files. This free file splitter can split any file including large text files, documents, images, multimedia files like videos, zip files, Self-Extracting archives and more.

The need for splitting files arises when you have to share a large file through email or any medium that has limitations on the size of the file that can be attached or uploaded.

One of the significant features of GSplit is its ability to split very large files i.e. files larger than 4 GB in size. You have options to split the files using different criteria and the tool puts you in complete control. You may choose to split files into smaller ones based on size, file names, number of lines or occurrence of any specified pattern.

The interface of GSplit provides two file splitting options.

  • Disk Spanned – If you choose this option, you may split any file into a set of smaller files of varying sizes. These sizes are auto-calculated by the GSplit utility. It takes into account the available free disk space in determining the file sizes. After the files are split, they are immediately saved to removable disks.
  • Blocked – In this method, any large file may be split into a set of smaller files of equal sizes. You may determine and configure the number of files and the size of each file. Alternatively, you may specify the number of lines or the occurrence of a pattern for determining the file splitting positions.

After splitting the files, they can be share via email or any online storage. These files can then be downloaded by the recipient and joined together to recreate the original file. During the file splitting process, GSplit creates a small stand-alone executable file that helps in merging the split files together. Though the recipient may not require the GSplit utility, the stand-alone executable file need to be shared with him.

The recipient can then make use of this executable file to merge the downloaded files and recreate the original file.

File Splitter

Features of GSplit

  • The freeware lets you split files larger than 4 GB in size and the files can be of any type.
  • Any large file may be split into files of varying or equal file sizes and you can even customize the split pieces in any manner you want. For example, large log files or text files may be split based on the number of lines or the occurrence of a pattern and you may optionally insert headers into each of those split files.
  • GSplit also supports splitting of multiple files sequentially.
  • It also provides batch and command line options for automating the file splitting jobs.
  • The file splitting job may be paused and resumed at any time. The tool also informs you of the time that elapsed since the job started and the estimated remaining time to complete the splitting job.
  • GSplit can even be integrated through Windows Explorer to make it easy to split the files directly from the right click context menu.

Gsplit works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and more. Free Download Gsplit from here. After downloading it, double click the executable file “GSPLITS.EXE” and follow the instructions on the Setup Wizard to install the file splitter.

You may also check out a few other good free file splitting utilities. If you have the need to split a large PDF file, then check out this freeware to split PDF Files.

You may either use GSplit to cut videos or use a free video splitter or video cutter to accomplish it.

If you have downloaded MP3 Files via mp3 search or any other method, you can cut mp3 files with the freeware “Split mp3”.

Download the free file splitter to split large files, Video, mp3 or any other media files.

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