File splitting utilites – free download and split large file into small chunks

Split large files into multiple smaller files, for sending them by email or for storing them into multiple smaller storage media like CDs and floppy disks.The following file split utilities will let you split large files into small ones.

Free download File splitter:

File Splitter is a free utility that does not require any installation. File Splitter can be used to split files into multiple chunks as well as to merge the multiple chunks into one single file. Select the source file (that need to be split) and destination folder to store the broken/split chunks. Select size of each chunk and click on split.

To join the files back into one single file, you will need this File Splitter. Simply select the folder containing chunks and output folder and then click on Join. File Splitter is a very easy to use utility but the receiver of chunked files should also have this program, to merge them into one file.

Free download File Splitter

Free download JSplit File:

JSplit File is another free utility to split large files.However this utility works a bit differently. When you split files using JSplit File, a batch file is also created in the folder containing splits/chunks. Unlike File Splitter, the receiver of the chunked files does not need this software to merge them back into the original file.

To join all the chunks/splits you just need to double click on the batch file in the folder and the output will be the merged original file. This is also a portable program that does not require installation, simply double click on exe file of the program to launch the application.

Free downloadJR Split File.

Free download HJ Split:

HJ Split is yet another free file splitting utility that can split files of any type and size. HJ Split does not need any installation. Just click on hjsplit.exe and the program starts. HJ Split can even handle files that are larger than 10GB in size.

Free downloadHJ Split.

File splitting utilities are definitely useful for sending large files by email or for storing large files into multiple storage media.

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  1. Nice post dude. I will certainly be using these tools in the future. They are quite handy!

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  2. Is it different from winrar file splitting?

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