Find posts/pages recently indexed by google

This is a tip to find your blog posts/pages (wordpress or any other website) indexed by google recently.You can find them with Google date based search filter.

First search for site:<your domain name> in google search. For example, to search for posts or pages that were recently indexed by google on, do a search for in google search.

Google date based filter for search

Then add “&as_qdr=d” to the end of the resulting URL and hit “Search” button.

Find wordpress posts/pages recently indexed by google

Google search will list all posts/pages indexed by googlebot (Google search bot) in the last one day. You will also get a drop-down box for any date based filters to be applied on the search results.

Find wordpress posts/pages indexed by google recently

You can also do the date based filter through Google Advanced search options, but the steps outlined above are much simpler and easier to execute. Find your recently indexed posts/pages in wordpress or any other website, with this simple date based filter on google search.did you enjoy this google search tip?

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