Five cool bookmarklets that you will love

Here are five cool bookmarklets that you will love – Google Translate, Alexa Site Profile, View Password, Disable Style Sheets and Kwout.

Google Translate – Many would already be knowing that Google provides a translation service, that will automatically detect the language and translate it into English for you! Google Translate is the bookmarklet that will let you read all those beautiful web pages in other languages.Never skip reading them as you will definitely get a better experience and you will love it.

Alexa Site Profile – This is another useful bookmarklet for you to get some better information on the new sites that you discover.

View Password – View Password is a bookmarklet that every PC user will love to use.Do you remember how many times you have run into a situation where you’re typing in a password and it keeps coming back as incorrect? When that happens, wouldn’t it be nice for you to see what you’re actually typing behind those asterisks? Well, this is what the View Password bookmarklet does.Clicking on this bookmarklet will reveal in regular text what you typed in the password field. Maybe you left the Caps Lock or Num Lock Key on. you can find out for sure with View Password. View Password is totally secure and hacker safe as well!

View Password

Disable Style Sheets – This is a simple bookmarklet that lets you strip an entire web page of its formatting. Some Web sites have too many graphics, ads and hard to read fonts to your disliking.This is the simplest and the perfect tool for getting rid of all glossiness.

Kwout – Kwout is a cool bookmarklet that easily lets you copy any part of a page with formatting. When you’re on a Web page, just click this bookmarklet and Kwout will bring up a screen-shot of that page. Then just drag over the region you want to share and click “Cut Out”. Kwout will then give you the code that you need to simply post wherever you like.It is just a simple alternative to fire-shot plugin for Firefox and it works in IE as well.

Find the bookmarklets below.If you are using Internet Explorer, just right click on the link, and select Add to Favorites and save it to the Links folder. If you are a Firefox user like me, right click the link and select Bookmark This Link and save it to the Bookmark Toolbar Folder. Enjoy!

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3 comments on “Five cool bookmarklets that you will love

  1. How about BestOfIndya bookmarklet which will help you submit stories to BestOfIndya with just one click 😉

  2. Handy tips. Thank you.

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  3. Nice collection, I’m trying the, alexa and view password.

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