Fix Windows 7 Gadgets And sidebar Not Working Issue

Is Windows 7 Gadgets not working for you? Though windows 7 retained Windows vista’s Gadgets and integrated them in the context menu, the sidebar in Windows 7 is different from that in Windows vista.

Unlike the Vista sidebar, windows 7 Sidebar will not work if UAC (User Account control) is disabled or turned off. Since gadget are from third parties, Windows 7 sidebar will be turned off, if UAC is turned off.This is to ensure that users do not install any malicious unsigned gadget in windows 7. Many Vista users were complaining about UAC and they wanted to keep it turned off. Though the UAC feature has been introduced to provide better security on windows, many did not like it from an usability perspective.Hence users of Windows 7 (beta version or Windows 7 RC), set the UAC level to “Never notify”. This automatically disabled windows 7 gadgets on the sidebar and desktop as well.

Fix windows 7 Gadgets on Desktop and sidebar Not Working problem:

To fix this problem, one need to simply set the UAC back to default level or at-least level 1. You will then be able to install Windows 7 Gadgets on your desktop sidebar.

If you still face issues with windows 7 gadgets, it might because of incorrect settings in your Internet Security Zones. Microsoft has released a registry fix for this issue. You can easily fix it by running their automated solution to resolve the windows gadgets not working issue. Try it.

Does the above help in fixing the problem of Windows 7 Gadgets and sidebar not working properly?

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