Flash Animation (2D) With K-Sketch

Create a quick and simple Flash Animation with K-Sketch.This free tool will definitely be handy for designers who want to give life to their thoughts by creating quick sketches and animating them.

K-sketch is not only a free animation software but it is also a tool that can be used by any computer user irrespective of whether he has any knowledge of flash or in creating flash animations! K-Sketch is a “kinetic” sketch pad for novice animators. The product is an output of extensive studies on the needs of both professional and novice animators. The fact that most frequently used motion types can be defined with simple pen gestures makes K-Sketch a great tool for all types of users. K-Sketch also gives visual feedback for coordination of events.

Flash Animation

Though K-Sketch may not be a tool for creating professional Flash animations, it is useful to draw those quick sketch representations and give life to them by animating them. Users will definitely find it useful for making simple and quick demos.

K-sketch has a simple and intuitive drawing editor with tools such as a pen and an eraser and several useful options to draw sketches and animate them. K-Sketch is not only easy to use but the developers have also made a well documented tutorial on using this free software. The best part of this tool is you don’t need to know flash or any other technical skills in using it!

K-Sketch requires .NET framework installed on your PC and it works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.Free download K-Sketch from www.k-sketch.org and enjoy creating flash animations.

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