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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 has now been released as a beta version, with some significant features and enhancements. While flash player 10.1 was a big improvement over flash player 10, as it supported mobile OS platforms like android, adobe flash player 10.2 enhances it further with some smart features and enhancements.

What can you see in adobe flash player 10.2?

Here are some of the significant new features or enhancements promised in adobe flash player 10.2.

  • Stage Video hardware acceleration – This new video hardware acceleration mode promises a dramatic improvement in video playback performance. This mode will significantly decrease processor and memory usage, while enabling higher frame rates and greater pixel fidelity and quality.
  • Support for Internet explorer 9 hardware acceleration – Microsoft promised a new browser IE 9, which can harness the power of the computer’s graphic processor and some good features in its windows 7 OS. While you can download internet explorer 9 and enjoy “the beauty of the web”, adobe has built its flash player 10.2 to take advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in internet Explorer 9 and improves the performance of its graphics. It also enables seamless composition by utilizing the hardware rendering surfaces.
  • The new flash player will also support full screen mode with dual or multiple monitors. If you use a windows 7 dual monitor setup for multi-tasking, you will find this feature to be very useful, as you can now watch any flash content in full-screen and also work on another parallel display (monitor).
  • Last but not the least, flash developers can now define custom native mouse cursors in their flash apps and adobe flash player 10.2 will support them.

Free Download Flash Player 10.2

While flash player 10.2 beta is primarily released for developers, to test the new features and enhancements and the compatibility of their existing apps, you can download the beta to test it yourselves and provide your feedback to Adobe.

However, do keep in mind this is just a pre-release and not the final one yet. You can also try this cool SWF Player, an all-in-one flash manager!

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