Free 3D Desktop For Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista

We earlier covered a free 3D Desktop Background called Shock Desktop 3D and Bumptop, another popular 3D Desktop for Windows 7, vista and XP. Here is another cool 3D desktop For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 called T3Desk.

T3Desk is not as resource intensive as Bumptop, but is a lightweight alternative that adds a third dimension to a 2D Windows desktop.Every Window can be viewed as a 3D Window that will be transparent and have the ability to be flipped, zoomed, moved and swiveled in almost anyway you want. With T3Desk you can set the various options regarding display, zooming, hot keys and sounds. You can configure your 3D window animation, transparency effect, 3D initial angle and distance, transition effects and more. T3Desk provides support for Aero Peek as well.

Free 3D Desktop

T3Desk requires DirectX for dialog effects and also GDI+ and Visual C++ 2008 runtime components. All these are available for free from Microsoft Web site.

T3Desk works on Windows 7 as well and it is built to work on every version of Windows including Windows XP and Vista. On windows 7, all applications you minimize are grouped in the T3 task bar icon and when you hover over it, you will get a thumbnail preview of each application. And when you hover above a specific thumbnail, Aero Peek will display the program’s shrunken 3D view.

Free download T3Desk from here and enjoy the slick free 3D Desktop manager.

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